Karibu to our Blog!

Welcome to the Tanzanian Children’s Fund blog!!! We’ve created this blog to share the everyday magic (and craziness) of RVCV with you!!

For those of you who have never heard of us, we’re a children’s village in a very remote area of Tanzania. The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) supports Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV). RVCV is home to over 100-orphaned children ranging from 10 days to 18 years old.  When a child joins us, they are joining a family forever.  In addition, TCF supports a primary school, health clinics, microfinance program and so much more!

To all of our past volunteers and supporters, welcome!! We want you to feel as if you’re still a part of the RVCV family. We’ve created this blog in hopes of making Tanzania seem just a bit closer to your home!!

Through this blog we hope to feature our kids, volunteers, staff, and teachers. Many of you may also be wondering, how do they manage with so many kids? How do you keep track of shoes, socks and clothes? We’re going to explain it all!! 



About rvcv

Creating a home for children Transforming communities Building futures in Tanzania The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) was created as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered in the U.S. This fund financially supports the Rift Valley Children’s Fund, a non-governmental organization structured under the laws of Tanzania. TCF supports the Rift Valley Children's Village, a home for orphans and vulnerable children. TCF also supports and strengthens the community through educational programs, free healthcare, and a microfinance program. By lifting lives and building futures, the Tanzanian Children’s Fund aims to help marginalized children in Tanzania. http://www.tanzanianchildrensfund.org/
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