Success Breeds Success

Oldeani 2Gyetighi’s record for success has inspired exciting changes for our community. After witnessing the transformation of Gyetighi Primary School and the ripple effect of progress that high-quality education has had on the community, the Village of Oldeani requested that we join forces with the District of Karatu to co-manage Oldeani Secondary School.

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With our new five year partnership, the Tanzanian Children’s Fund will replicate the successful model that we honed at Gyetighi by ensuring that teachers and students are healthy, well-supported, and have all of the resources necessary to effectively teach and learn. Partnering to transform Oldeani will help “complete the circle,” of our mission and enable the youth of Oldeani to take control of their own bright futures.


If you wish to invest in the promise of education, please donate to the Next Ten Fund here: Donate Now.


About rvcv

Creating a home for children Transforming communities Building futures in Tanzania The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) was created as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered in the U.S. This fund financially supports the Rift Valley Children’s Fund, a non-governmental organization structured under the laws of Tanzania. TCF supports the Rift Valley Children's Village, a home for orphans and vulnerable children. TCF also supports and strengthens the community through educational programs, free healthcare, and a microfinance program. By lifting lives and building futures, the Tanzanian Children’s Fund aims to help marginalized children in Tanzania.
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