Rift Valley Children's Village

Rift Valley Children’s Village

Today the Children’s Village is home to 92 orphaned children. The Rift Valley Children’s Fund has legal guardianship of the children and has committed to caring for them, educating them, helping them get a start in life when they reach adulthood and most important loving them as part of the family – forever.

The size of the Children’s Village has been limited to ensure a strong sense of community and sense of family can be maintained.  There are 6 houses for children and 1 for young male teens.  Each house has two housemothers and volunteers from abroad to care for the children.  Our housemothers are women from the surrounding villages ensuring that our children grow up with an understanding of their local and tribal traditions.

When a child is orphaned in the area, village leaders notify us so that our social workers can undertake in depth interviews with local leaders, neighbours and caregivers.  Through this process we are able to determine if a child can safely stay with their relatives and receive support from us (food, clothing, school supplies) or if they should come to join the RVCV family.

When our children first arrive at the Children’s Village they are frightened, malnourished and traumatised by the loose of their parents and often the abuse and neglect of caregivers who did not “have room for them” in their lives.  It is a miracle to watch what a balanced diet, medical care and lots of love and hugs can do for these little ones.  In no time at all they are joyous and radiant!


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